RNAmutants is a program to explore RNA sequence-structure maps. It enables to estimate how the structural stability influences mutational processes in RNA molecules. RNAmutants also provides alternate solutions to the RNA secondary structure design problem and the prediction of deleterious mutations.


Latest version: 2.0

System CPU Distribution
LinuxIntel i686 32bit RNAmutants_2.0_Linux_Ubuntu_i686_32bit.zip
LinuxIntel Xeon 64bit RNAmutants_2.0_Linux_Ubuntu_x86_64bit.zip
Mac OSXIntel Core2 64-bit RNAmutants_2.0_MacOSX_10.5.zip

Source files will be soon available on this webpage. You can also request them to Jérôme Waldispühl.

We encourage you to notify us any bug you may find. We will do out possible to fix it in the shortest delays. Suggestions are also very welcome and will be considered for the sofware development.