Jérôme Waldispühl group @ McGill
Structural Bioinformatics & Citizen Science


RNA Bioinformatics

We develop algorithms to predict RNA 3D structures and molecules binding them

Citizen Science

We develop crowd-computing games to analyze genomic data (See also dnapuzzles.org)


Web servers, databases, and source code

Structural bioinformatics (RNA & Proteins)


Prediction of RNA-small molecule binding


Catalog of RNA 3D motifs


Prediction of RNA 3D modules


Prediction of RNA 2.5D structures


Prediction of RNA binding interfaces


Sampling RNA sequences with target structure


Catalog of RNA Recurrent Interaction Networks


Reconstruction of ancestral RNA sequences


Exploration of RNA sequence-structure maps


Error-correction of RNA sequencing data


Analysis of structural content of coding RNA


Fragment-based design of RNA sequences


Simulation of evolution of RNA populations


Optimization of Protein-small molecule binding affinities


Prediction of protein folding routes


Analysis of polymorphic Amyloid fibrils


Prediction of transmembrane β-barrels

Human-Computing & Citizen science games

DNA Puzzles

Citizen science games in AAA games


Citizen science puzzle game for genomics

Colony B

Citizen science mobile app for microbiome


A collaborative crowd-computing game


Immersive exploration of 3D genomes


Journal articles, conference papers, book chapters and preprints


Jérôme Waldispühl

Group leader

Elena Nazarova

Research Associate

Alexander Butyaev

Research Associate

Chris Drogaris


Carlos Gonzalez Oliver

PhD student

Roman Sarrazin-Gendron

PhD Student

Hua-Ting Yao

PhD student

Renata Mutalova

PhD student

Javona White Bear

PhD student

Parham Ghasemloo

PhD student

Tim Keding

M.Sc. student

Eddie Cai

M.Sc. student

Julien Mounthanyvong

M.Sc. student

Visitors & Interns

Juan Carvajal (PhD Computer Systems Engineering, National University of Colombia)
Xingyu Chen (B.Sc. Computer Science & Biology, McGill)
Yun Kai Peng (B.Sc. Computer Science, McGill)
Yixiong Sun (B.Sc. Computer Science & Biology, McGill)
Jonathan Broadbent (B.Sc. Computer Science & Biology, McGill)
Anssam Ghezala (B.Sc. Software Engineering, McGill)
Elsa Emilien (B.Sc. Software Engineering, McGill)
Taylor Lynn Curtis (B.Sc. Software Engineering, McGill)
Lara Kollokian (B.Sc. Software Engineering, McGill)
Ajay Patel (B.Sc. Software Engineering, McGill)
Jay Abi-Saad (B.Sc. Software Engineering, McGill)
Rayan Osseiran (B.Sc. Software Engineering, McGill)
Kyle Myers (B.Sc. Software Engineering, McGill)
Christiana Chen (B.Sc. Software Engineering, McGill)
Yousuf Badawi (B.Sc. Software Engineering, McGill)


Yash Patel, M.Sc. (2018-2020)
Jacques Boitreaud, M.Sc. (2019-2020)
Antoine Soulé, PhD (2012-2019)
Alexander Butyaev, PhD (2013-2019)
Vincent Mallet, M.Sc. (2018-2019)
Eric Zhang, M.Sc. (2016-2018)
Akash Singh, M.Sc. (2017-2018)
Mansha Imtiyaz, M.Sc. (2017-2018)
Eric Kissel, M.Sc. (2017-2018)
Ali Atiia, PhD (2012-2018)
David Becerra, PhD (2012-2017)
Atefeh Mohajeri, Postdoc (2015-2017)
Vladimir Reinharz, M.Sc. (2011-2012), PhD (2012-2016)
Olivier Tremblay-Savard, Postdoc (2013-2015)
Sriswetha Rajagopal, M.Sc. (2013-2015)
Mohamed Smaoui, M.Sc. (2010-2011), PhD (2011-2014)
Yang (Olivia) Zhang, M.Sc. (2012-2014)
Zheng Dai, B.Sc. (2015-2017)
Jason Yao, B.Sc. (2016-2017)
Daniel Kwak, B.Sc. (2010-2013)
Alfred Kam, B.Sc. (2010-2014)
Rudolf Lam, B.Sc. (2010-2011)
Gary Roumanis, B.Sc. (2010-2011)
Alexander Kawrykow, B.Sc. (2010-2011)
Solomon Shenker, B.Sc. (2010-2011)

Open Positions

We welcome applications at all levels. We are primarily looking for candidates with a strong theoretical background in computer science and software engineers. We may also consider biologists or biochemists with a solid experience in programming.

Before submitting your online application, we recommend you to contact the group leader. Describe your background and motivation to pursue graduate studies, and include your CV and transcripts in your e-mail.

Importantly, when you will fill your McGill online application form, provide the name of Jérôme Waldispühl in the list of preferred supervisors. This information is important to ensure a proper routing of your files.

Start your application now!


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